Polaris Pressure Pool Cleaner Bags

How to Choose the Right Bag

Polaris makes a pool cleaner bag for every debris type. Read on for details.

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How to Choose the Right Bag

Polaris offers a variety of pool cleaner bags for different pool debris types. Here are important things to keep in mind when choosing the bag that works best for your pool.

All-Purpose Bags are great for year-round general use and come standard on Polaris pressure cleaners. These bags can be used everyday for most types of debris.

Leaf Bags capture larger debris such as leaves and twigs. These bags work best if you live in areas where big leaves tend to collect in your pool and are ideal for seasonal use in the spring and fall when leaves are more prevalent.

Sand/Silt Bags capture fine debris like sand and dust. Use these bags if you live near construction or desert areas.

Super Bags are intended for use with the Polaris 3900 Sport and are dual-chamber bags that collect twice the amount of debris.

For optimum use of all our bags, follow a few simple tips:

  • Empty debris when the bag is half full to avoid the bag from becoming too heavy
  • Keep two bags on hand and alternate use. Let one bag dry before emptying debris because dried debris is easier to handle.
  • Change your bag when it becomes worn


Polaris pressure cleaner bags come in zippered and velcro versions. Some bags are also available in black to match our black cleaners.

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Polaris Disposable Bag Installation Instructions

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Model Bag Type Ideal for Polaris Cleaner(s) Closure Color
39-310 All-Purpose Super/Double 3900 Zipper Gray
48-057 All-Purpose Super/Double 480, 3900 Zipper White
48-135 All-Purpose 480, 3900 Velcro White
K17 All-Purpose 3900, 480, 280 Velcro Black
K23 All-Purpose 3900, 480, 280 Zipper Black
9-100-1014 All-Purpose 380, 360 Velcro White
9-100-1021 All-Purpose 380, 360 Zipper White
9-100-1016 All-Purpose 380, 360, TR35P, TR36P Velcro Black
9-100-1022 All-Purpose 380, 360, TR35P, TR36P Zipper Black
K16 All-Purpose 280 Velcro White
K13 All-Purpose 280 Zipper White
A16 All-Purpose 180 Velcro White
6-206-00 All-Purpose 165, 65 Velcro White
9-100-1015 Sand/Silt 380, 360 Velcro White
K14 Sand/Silt 280 Velcro White
K18 Sand/Silt 3900, 280 Velcro Black
48-133 EZ Bag Disposable 480 PRO, 280 Velcro White
9-100-1024 EZ Bag Disposable 380, 360 Velcro White
G45 Disposable 180 Velcro White
9-100-1012 Leaf 380, 360, TR35P, TR36P Velcro Blue
K15 Leaf 280, 480 PRO Velcro Blue
A15 Leaf 180 Velcro Blue
6-207-00 Leaf 165, 65 Velcro Blue

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