Should the Polaris robotic cleaner be removed after cleaning

Should I remove my Polaris robotic cleaner after each use or keep it in the pool?

Should you leave your Polaris robotic cleaner in the pool and use the scheduling feature? Or should you remove it after each use? Here’s everything you need to know about pool robot scheduling versus cleaner removal.

To Remove or Not To Remove?

We always recommend that you remove your robotic cleaner after each cleaning cycle. This reduces tangling, and it helps you remember to clean the filter canister regularly to ensure optimal performance. But we know that sometimes you need the convenience of scheduling. For example, maybe you’re going on vacation or want the pool to be clean after work. Scheduling helps in these situations and therefore, it’s okay to leave the cleaner in the pool for a later cleaning.

However, be sure to take out the cleaner when you return from vacation. It should also be removed from the pool each time anyone goes swimming.

Robotic Cleaner Scheduling vs. Removal

So, in short, it’s best to take your Polaris robotic cleaner out of the pool after every cleaning cycle. But, scheduling is a major convenience feature of our robotic cleaners and can be used to meet your various cleaning needs.

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