Polaris® P91

The Polaris P91 Robotic delivers a crystal-clean pool with the push of a button.

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The Polaris P91 Robotic delivers a crystal-clean pool with the push of a button.

It features a compact lightweight design that enables easy transport and removal of the cleaner, and its simple plug and play operation makes it ideal for busy pool owners. By focusing on the pool floor the P91 Robotic works quickly and efficiently, delivering a perfectly clean pool in just two hours, and costs just pennies per day to operate.


  • Quick Release Filter Canister, never touch pool debris
  • Patented Vortex Vacuum Technology
  • Cleans pools up to 40'
  • Vacuums Larger Debris


Model Description
F91 POLARIS P91 (W9112)

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Automatic Pool Cleaners

Polaris P91 Parts List

Download our Polaris P91 Parts List to review breakout diagrams and part numbers.

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Model Description  
R531200 All-Purpose Canister
R0531201 Ultra Fine Sand/Silt Canister

Frequently Asked Questions

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Cleaner does not move and the green indicator light does not illuminate.
Make sure the ON/OFF button is turned ON. The electrical outlet the control unit is connected to is not supplying electrical power. Plug main power cord into another electrical outlet that is powered and ensure the green light flashes once. If the green indicator does not illuminate, contact your local Polaris service representative.
Cleaner does not pick up the debris.
The filter is full or sirty and needs to be cleaned following the procedure Section 5.1, "Cleaning the Filter Canister".
Cleaner doesn't climb the pool sides
NOTE: The cleaner is not designed to climb up to the waterline.
1. The filter is full or dirty and must be cleaned following the procedure Section 5.1 of the owner's manual, "Cleaning the Filter Canister".
2. Microscopic algae are causing the pool side to become slippery. Do a shock chlorination treatment and slightly reduce the pH. DO NOT leave the cleaner in the pool during this treatment.
3. Tires are worn and need to be replaced.
Cleaner doesn't stay firmly on the pool bottom.
There is air in the appliance casing so you must submerge the cleaner following the procedure in Section 4.1 of the owner's manual, "Submerging the Cleaner".
The green indicator light flashes after you press the ON/OFF button.
The control unit needs to be reset or it is not properly connected. Submerge the cleaner and reset the supply by:
1. Unplug the main power cord from the electrical receptacle. 2. Disconnect the floating cable connector from the control unit and then reconnect it following the procedures in Section 3.3, "Electrical Connection". 3. Plug the main cord in the electrical receptacle and check if the green indicator light illuminates. 4. Press the ON/OFF button. If the green indicator does not illuminate or flashes, contact your local Polaris service representative.
Left turning is inefficient.
The cleaner is too heavy. Contact your reseller to obtain a polystyrene floater to install under the cover plate.
Right turning and/or rotating is inefficient
Remove debris from the stirrup and verify that it pivots freely. If the roller is worn, replace as necessary. Remove the polystyrene floater. Unscrew the cleaner cover plate and remove the polystyrene floater from inside the cover plate. Replace the cover and resubmerge the cleaner.

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