Robotic Pool Cleaners

Let a Polaris robotic pool cleaner power your pool cleaning — without having to lift a finger.

Leave Pool Cleaning to the Robot

Take your pool cleaning to the next level with robotic pool cleaners. These high-performing automatic pool cleaners are so powerful that they don’t rely on your existing pool equipment. Minimize energy consumption and maximize enjoyment with a squeaky clean pool.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Benefits

An Advanced Clean

Energy-Efficient Cleaning

Requiring very low power to run, robotic pool cleaners are NOT powered by your pool's pump. Instead they plug into a GFCI outlet.

Smart App Enabled

Select units offer on-the-go control using the iAquaLink® app with WiFi connectivity.

Advanced Technology That Works Smarter

Finely tuned programming enables your pool robot to effectively navigate your pool, and select units even adjust cleaning time and route.

Convenient Robot Operation

Control your robotic cleaner without getting your hands wet– just press start/stop and select cleaning mode from the control box.

How Robotic Pool Cleaners Work

Plug In, Drop In

All you need is an outdoor GFCI power outlet. Plug in the unit, place it in the water and it gets to work.

Advanced Programming

Built-in technology helps the robotic cleaner navigate your pool to clean every corner.

Self-Contained Filter

Debris is collected in the cleaner’s internal filter canister and is easy to empty – just shake and spray clean.

A Powerful Clean