Polaris PB4SQ

The Power Behind Polaris

The PB4SQ is an energy-efficient, multistage booster pump that operates quietly and is easy to install and service.

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The Power Behind Polaris

The PB4SQ is an energy-efficient, multistage booster pump that operates quietly and is easy to install and service. It has been designed to provide optimum power to Polaris pressure cleaners.

Available for sale only at your local pool store. This product can not be purchased online.


  • Energy-Efficient - High-performance multistage pump reduces energy use by more than 30%*.
  • Quieter Operation - TEFC motor and innovative fan are designed for quieter operation.
  • Easy Installation - Includes Quick Connect fittings and easy access to wiring.
  • Optimum Performance - Specifically designed to operate pressure cleaners at optimum efficiency.

Technical Details

  • Compact, rugged design perfect for new or existing installations
  • Works with low-flow and variable-speed pumps
  • Factory wired for 230V; can be easily rewired for 115V
  • Multiple conduit locations for convenient connections
  • Lay-in style bonding lug


Model Number Horse Power Voltage Amps Carton Weight Overall Length Inlet/outlet size
PB4SQ .97 230/115 4.5/9.2 27.66 lbs. 16 316" Inlet/outlet size 34"


Model Description

Exploded Parts Diagram

Polaris PB4SQ Booster Pump Parts List

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Parts List

Model Description  
P61 Polaris Motor, 3/4 HP, Threaded Shaft , 60 Hz
R0536600 Jandy Pro Series O-Ring, Backplate, 60Hz
R0445500 Jandy Pro Series Mechanical Seal, Carbon, SHP, PHP, MHP
R0536400 Jandy Pro Series Impeller, R-Kit, PB4-60
R0536300 Jandy Pro Series Volute, R-Kit, PB4-60
R0536900 Jandy Pro Series Bolts With Washers, R-Kit 60Hz
R0537000 Jandy Pro Series Plug, Drain, R-Kit, PB4-60
R0537100 Jandy Pro Series Base, R-Kit, PB4-60
R0536800 Jandy Pro Series Hardware, Motor, R-Kit, 60Hz
R0617100 Polaris Polaris Installation Kit, Pump Hose & Softube Quick Connects
R0621000 Polaris Polaris Softube Quick Connects BLK, 4 Pack
P19 Polaris Pump Hose, 6 Foot, Flexible Reinforced
R0536700 Jandy Pro Series Backplate, R-Kit, 60Hz , PB4-60

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I lose water if I run my pool pump on Bypass?
No, you only lose water in a pool if there is a leak, through splash out, and when you backwash.


Polaris Booster Pump PB4SQ Sell Sheet

Item #: SL6969
File Size: 1169975
Language: EN-CA

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Polaris PB4SQ Booster Pump Manual

Item #: H0544300
File Size: 15720385
Language: EN-CA

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PB4SQ Booster Pump Replacement Kit Instructions

Item #: H0609200
File Size: 3823019
Language: EN-CA

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