Polaris PCX™ 852

Easy Climbing. Easy Cleaning.

The Polaris PCX 852 offers thorough cleaning coverage of your pool’s floor, walls and waterline while providing superior debris collection and scrubbing thanks to the...

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Easy Climbing. Easy Cleaning.

The Polaris® PCX 852 offers thorough cleaning coverage of your pool’s floor, walls and waterline while providing superior debris collection and scrubbing with its advanced Double Helix brush design. Engineered with improved patterning, a tighter turn radius and increased propulsion to maneuver over obstacles, the PCX 852 provides reliable cleaning using powerful cyclonic vacuum technology that maintains strong suction throughout the cleaning cycle — ensuring debris is captured within the large capacity debris canister. The PCX 852 also makes removal easy with our proprietary Easy Lift Removal System that takes the heavy work out of removing the cleaner from the pool.


  • Cyclonic Vacuum Technology - Rid your pool of dirt and debris with powerful cyclonic cleaning action that sustains suction and facilitates enhanced wall climbing on any pool surface.
  • Unmatched Maneuverability - Designed for exceptional agility — the PCX 852 features a rear flow outlet that provides greater agility to propel the cleaner up inclines and over obstacles while dual-traction motor technology enables brushes to rotate independently providing enhanced maneuverability with a tighter turn radius.
  • Double Helix Brush - The PCX 852 cleaner features a new patent-pending brush composed of strategically staggered rubber blades to gently agitate stuck-on dirt and draw in debris, channeling it towards the large inlet for more effective cleaning.
  • Proprietary Easy Lift Removal System -With the touch of a button, bring the cleaner up to the waterline to rapidly evacuate water as you remove it for lightweight transport.
  • 50-Foot Cable - Helps to provide uninterrupted operation for cleaning pools up to 40-feet long end-to-end.
  • Large Filter Canister with Transparent Lid - Easy to access, the large filter canister has a transparent window which allows you to view when it’s full —then simply remove the canister, shake, and spray away debris. You never need to touch debris again!
  • Dual Cleaning Modes - Two cleaning modes for one-touch, on-demand cleaning cycles of either the floor or the floor, walls and waterline
  • Track Wheel Design - Continuous treaded wheelbase provides increased surface area resulting in better traction — making it ideal for climbing walls, stairs and other obstacles (like the main drain) while creating a stronger area of suction beneath the cleaner.

Technical Details

Connection 50’ Double-Insulated Floating Cable
Filtration Method Large All-Purpose Filter Canister
Cleaning Modes Floor Mode or Floor, Wall, Waterline
Active Scrubbing Front Dual-Traction Double Helix Brushes
Pool Cleaner Dimensions 16” W × 12” H × 17” D
Cleaner Weight 22 lbs.
Power Supply Output: 30 Volt DC / Input 120 V ~ 60Hz
Maximum Pool Size Up to 40 ft.
Pool Types In-Ground Pools
Pool Shape All Shapes
Pool Surface All In-Ground Pool Surfaces
Surface Cleaning Ability Pool Floors, Walls, Waterline


Model Description
FPCX852 Polaris PCX 852 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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