Functionality Of Pressure Cleaner Back Up Valve

How can I check if my pressure cleaner’s back-up valve is functioning properly?

Do you think you might have issues with your Polaris pressure cleaner’s back-up valve? Here are a few ways to check that the back-up valve is functioning properly, plus tips on fixing it if it isn’t.

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Troubleshooting Your Pressure-Side Cleaner’s Back-Up Valve

If you think you’re having issues with the back-up valve on your pressure cleaner, try the following things:

  1. Verify the back-up valve is cycling every three minutes

    To do this, hold the back-up valve out of the water and verify that it cycles on and off. A complete cycle should take around three minutes. If it stays on all the time or doesn’t come on at all, then you should replace the valve.

  2. Ensure the hose float is positioned directly behind the back-up valve

    If you don’t already have a hose float directly behind the back-up valve, be sure to put one there to keep your cleaner functioning properly.

  3. Ensure the back-up valve is not installed backward

    Take a look at your pressure cleaner and owner’s manual and make sure the back-up valve is installed in the right direction (the outlet for the water jet should be facing your Polaris cleaner.)

Is Your Back-Up Valve Functioning Properly?

After running through these three troubleshooting tips, you’ll know whether you need to replace your pressure cleaner’s back-up valve or if it’s functioning correctly. But, if these tips don’t work, contact your local pool professional.

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