Prevent Robotic Pool Cleaner Cord Tangling

How do I stop my robotic pool cleaner’s cord from tangling?

Are you having issues with your Polaris robotic pool cleaner’s cord tangling? What a hassle! No one likes dealing with tangled cords. Thankfully, you can decrease your frustration and help prevent the cord from tangling with a few simple tips.

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4 simple suggestions to stop your robotic pool cleaner’s cord from tangling

Here are some suggestions to help resolve your cord tangling issue.

  1. Remove your robotic cleaner from the pool and lay the cable across the pool deck to relieve any coiled memory
  2. Allow the cleaner cable to enter the pool at the center of the length of the pool
  3. Only use enough cable to reach the farthest point from the cable entry location
  4. Gently toss the necessary cable across the pool water for even distribution instead of dropping it in a lump in one spot

Taking these simple steps can significantly decrease the chances of your cord tangling.

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