Wheels and brushes wobbling Polaris robotic pool cleaner

Why are my wheels and brushes wobbling on my Polaris robotic pool cleaner?

Wobbly wheels and brushes can make your Polaris robotic pool cleaner less effective, but what causes the wheels and brushes to wobble in the first place? Here’s what you need to know.

Worn Parts Lead to Wobbly Wheels

If your robotic pool cleaner’s brushes or wheels are wobbly, your cleaner may have worn gears or bearings, or both.

If you suspect this is your issue, please contact your pool professional. They can safely disassemble your cleaner and inspect it for wear.

How to Deal with Wobbling Wheels and Brushes

If your robotic cleaner’s wheels or brushes are wobbling, contact your local pool professional. They can help determine if worn gears or bearings are causing the issue and replace them if necessary.

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