How To Zip Pressure Cleaner

How can I get my pressure-side cleaner’s bag to zip?

Are you having difficulty getting the zipper on your Polaris pressure cleaner debris bag to close? If so, you have options.

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Different Debris Bag Choices

If you’re not a fan of the Polaris zippered debris bag, we have other bags that might work better for you. The following bags have a Velcro closure instead of a zipper one, making them easier to open and close:

  • K17 All-Purpose Black Velcro Bag
  • K14 Sand/Silt White Velcro Bag
  • K15 Velcro Leaf Bag

It’s also worth noting that the Polaris bags designed for the Polaris 280 cleaner will also fit the Polaris3900 model cleaner [link to product page]. But, they will not feature the double bag like the All-Purpose Superbag does.

To recap, you have the choice of two closure options to meet your preference regardless of your pressure cleaner type.

Get a Debris Bag That Works for You

If you’re having issues with the zipper closures on your Polaris pressure-side cleaner bag, consider trying the Velcro bags instead. They’re easier to close and can work to collect leaves, sand and silt or a combination of debris.

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