Polaris robotic cleaner struggling to climb wall

Why is my Polaris robotic cleaner flipping and struggling to climb the wall?

Is your Polaris robotic cleaner struggling to climb walls and flipping over? If so, we know this can be a frustrating situation. Thankfully, there’s a quick test to troubleshoot the issue and an easy solution once the problem is identified.

Try This if Your Cleaner Is Struggling to Climb

If your robotic cleaner is struggling to climb walls and flips over, remove the filter canister and test the cleaner again. Does the cleaner run properly without the canister? If so, you’ve found your issue.

Sometimes the filter mesh in the canister can become clogged with fine debris like algae, silt and salt. This debris builds up on the inner mesh and restricts flow through the cleaner, causing it to shut down to protect itself.

To fix this issue, gently brush the canister with a small brush or sponge and mild soap to eliminate build-up. Then, thoroughly rinse the canister with water from a hose.

Clean Your Canister to Stop The Flipping

In many cases, a clogged canister is what causes a robotic cleaner to flip, and a thorough clean is all it takes to get it back up and running again.

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