Commercial Pool Cleaners

Heavy-Duty Cleaning for Light Commercial Pools

Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner Benefits

The Optimum Solution

A Light Commercial Robotic Cleaner that brings superior power and premium performance together with robust construction that can handle the rigors of everyday cleaning in small to medium-sized HMAC commercial pools with high traffic.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The VORTRAX™ 30iQ features ultrasonic sensors that enable advanced obstacle and wall detection for enhanced navigational functionality that yields superior cleaning results.

Enhanced Sensor Nav System™

Both the 25iQ and the 30iQ automatically adjust and adapt to fluctuating factors — such as water depth and acceleration — for comprehensive cleaning while providing status updates, like water temperature, to your iAquaLink® app.

Heavy-Duty Track System

Enhanced two-track system designed to provide additional traction on all pool surfaces and extend motor life on both Polaris VORTRAX models.

Easy to Clean

Large 5 liter, dual filtration canister for removal of coarse and ultra-fine debris.

How Robots Work

Plug In, Drop In

All you need is an outdoor GFCI power outlet. Plug in the unit, place it in the water and it gets to work.

Advanced Programming

Built-in technology helps the robotic cleaner navigate your pool to clean every corner.

Self-Contained Filter

Debris is collected in the cleaner’s internal filter canister and is easy to empty – just shake and spray clean.